RSVPI China Center (RCC)
This is RSVPI - China 


Some top leaders of RSVPI China Center present at Liu Guang's office in Beijing on August 4, 2012. 
Left to right: Prof.Lin Guozhi, Prof.Li Zhaoli, Prof.Zeng Junwei, Chang Soo, Prof.Zhou Airou, Prof. Huang Shi, Liu Guang. 
The beautiful Chinese Calligraphy created by Prof. Zhou Airou and Prof. Lin Guozhi in center is HAPPY AGEING
On the right it means... ACTS OF BENEVOLENCE WILL NEVER STOP. On left is ... WE HAPPILY SERVE.

Mr. Chang Soo, Chairman, CEO,
Chief Consultant of RSVPI China Center.

Front row from left: Prof. Zhou Airou, Chang Soo, Prof. Zeng Junwei and Prof. Li Zhaoli. 
Back row from left: Cao Defa (Jiujiang Volunteer Association), Liu Guang, Prof. Lin Guozhi,
Prof. Huang Shi and Hao Xiangbao. 
From right: Prof. Dr. Laura Wilson, World President of RSVPI; Prof. Jack Steele, International Development; Prof. Linda Siegel, Assisting. 
Photo taken at Beijing in 2008.

RSVPI (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program International) is a non-profit and non-government world organisation with UN consultative status, administered by University of Maryland, Washington D C, USA.  It operates in 6 continents covering more than 30 countries. Each country looks after its affairs and resources independently with technical advice from USA but without funding. 

Many Seniors and the Retired have good talents, rich experiences and willing to share, care and serve and help the needy and the less fortunate. We serve according to needs and without prejudice or expectation of money or in kind. If we can bring some Cheers, Comfort and Joy to them that is our reward.

Study and Research have found that the Dedicated Senior and the Retired Volunteers who kept themselves busy helping others in society live a healthier and happier life and normally benefiting themselves physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

Now, we are trying to organise two small projects:

1)     Collaborate with Peking University Retired Professors Society to have an ONLINE COUNSELLING SERVICE with Licensed Counsellors to help the distressed individuals and families over the phone/computer. Expenses include phone bills and payment to Counsellors. No salary for our Volunteers. Project has high social impact on well-being of community but no ROI (Return On Investment).

2)     Setting up Goat Farming -- start small with good breed and proper care as a for-profit venture to sustain our programs. Saleable products are milk, meat and the young. Project is feasible. Has good social and economic impact value to community and volunteers themselves with good feeling, enjoyable and bonding activity. If we have Sponsors or Donors to look after our sustainable capability, RSVPI together with some younger generation can contribute more to the needy for a better life.

Our experimental projects may or may not succeed for valid reasons. However, we hope to inspire other people to give a helping hand to the needy to help themselves. Through the combined know-how talents and efforts made by Alan Huang Zhilun and Chang Soo, they have patiently created the Website for RSVPI China Center ( over several years and updated many times.